Fixtures and results for the 2021/22 LNFS England West division.

Sunday 26th October 2021
Home vs Birmingham Tigers
4-5 (L)

Sunday 3rd October 2021
Home vs Aylesbury Futsal Club
6-4 (W)

Sunday 10th October 2021
Away vs Reading Royals
5-2 (L)

Sunday 17th October 2021
Away vs Rushmoor
4-6 (W)

Sunday 24th October 2021
Away vs Bristol Eagles
6-6 (D)

Sunday 31st October 2021
Home vs Club Futsal Leicester
12-6 (W)

Sunday 21st November 2021
Home vs Dynamo Tekkers
13-4 (W)

Sunday 28th November 2021
Home vs Bristol Futsal
4-9 (L)

Sunday 12th December 2021
Away vs Birmingham Deaf Futsal
18-18 (D)

Sunday 9th January 2022
Home vs Rushmoor
8-4 (W)

Sunday 16th January 2022
Away vs Bristol Futsal

Sunday 6th February 2022
Away vs Birmingham Tigers
7-8 (W)

Sunday 27th February 2022
Away vs Club Futsal Leicester
8-9 (W)

Sunday 13th March 2022
Home vs Reading Royals
6-7 (L)

Sunday 20th March 2022
Away vs Aylesbury Futsal Club
5-14 (W)

Sunday 27th March 2022
Away vs Dynamo Tekkers
6-5 (L)

Sunday 10th April 2022
Home vs Birmingham Deaf Futsal
13-6 (W)

Sunday 24th April 2022
Home vs Bristol Eagles
11-4 (W)

Sunday 1st May 2022
Away vs Bristol Futsal